Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bob Staake STILL Works with PhotoShop 3.0

Bob Staake, prolific illustrator of mags (New Yorker, Time Magazine, etc.) and children's books for Random House and character design for Nickelodeon and very nice guy, shares three videos of him at work.

In 1995, Bob Staake started creating his illustrations digitally using Adobe Photoshop 3.0.

In 2008, he still exclusively uses the program -- with the help of a mouse, a 17" monitor, and a standard keyboard.

These time lapse digital videos show the artist's illustration process (that as it is) and are posted so that other illustrators, designers and visual creators might gain inspiration from Staake's unconventional and decidedly "old school" work method.


Mark Anderson said...


I'm gonna totally curl up in the fetal position and cry into my pillow.

Brian Fies said...

I was going to scoff at your description of any type of digital art as "old school," until I saw that was how Staake referred to it himself. I appreciate his satisfaction with a tool that works rather than feeling compelled to constantly upgrade. And those are pretty neat demos. Still, they leave me with a feeling I get when I look at a lot of digital artwork: wouldn't it be easier just to draw the darn thing?

Mike Lynch said...

Brian, it's simple: if you did not buy, buy, buy, and merely did all your great work with a 19 cent Ticonderoga #2, you wouldn't be supporting the economy! Why do you hate America, Brian?!?!?