Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gerald Scarfe Interview

Below is Al Jazeera TV Riz Khan's interview and overview of the British cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. It's in 2 parts; about 20 minutes total in length.

While perhaps best known for his work on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album and subsequent movie, Mr. Scarfe's CV includes many other projects over his 40 year career, such as plays, books, ballet, theatre, opera, and so on. He's a regular fixture in the Sunday Times, as well as a frequent New Yorker magazine illustrator.

Gerald Scarfe Interview Part 1

Gerald Scarfe Interview Part 2


Matt Jones said...

Fantastic find Mike!

Eddie Pittman said...

Great interview! I almost expected him to veer off into some incoherent karaoke rant...but then remembered that would be Ralph Steadman.

Mike Lynch said...

I wish all cartoonists out there had good interviews like this.

Eddie Pittman said...

I wish the press was interested in interviewing cartoonists! As I'm sure you know, Mike, there was a time that cartoonists were celebrities. They even participated in national advertising campaigns...not their cartoons, but THEM. Walt Kelly and Milt Caniff's photos on magazine ads for fountain pens, Al Capp for prosthetic legs (okay, I made that last one up).

The media's attitude toward cartoonists these days seems to be somewhere between Bigfoot and UFO's now.