Thursday, February 21, 2008

1970 THIS IS AL CAPP TV Special

Here we have the first third of an hour-long 1970 film about LI'L ABNER cartoonist Al Capp by Ernest Pintoff and Guy Fraumeni titled THIS IS AL CAPP.

It's great to get glimpses of fellow cartoonists Walt Kelly and Milt Caniff, as well as underground cartoonists Spain and Trina Robbins. (Good to hear her call Spain on stereotyping women in the same way Capp does!) John Canaday, William F.Buckley, Paul Krassner and David Susskind are also on the show. And you get some quotes from John Steinbeck.

Most of the program is Capp, espousing right wing views. It's a snapshot of the man and the era.

Part One

Part Two


Gianfranco Goria said...

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Mike Lynch said...

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