Tuesday, February 05, 2008

RENO by Dan Thompson

Just have to say hi to my friend Dan Thompson, a friend, as well as a cartoonist whose style I admire, for his new RENO Web comic adventure series debuting at the Zuda Comics site this month.

Dan is definitely channeling some serious old school Sickles black spotting and Crane action styles here, coupled with Dan's own dynamic line and great comic booky, eye popping colors.

Although I find the Zuda standard contract to be blatantly unfair, I'm glad that Dan's work is being showcased.


Dan Thompson said...

Hey, Mike!

thanks so much for posting about RENO it was a lot of fun to work on!

You're the only one who noticed the Roy Crane influence! He is tops with me.

Thank you


Trade Loeffler said...

Thanks for posting this one, Mike. I'm going to head over to Zuda right now and check it out. This looks frickin' awesome!

Mike Lynch said...

Dan, RENO is absolutely standout work. It was funny to read some of the comments at Zuda. It sure seemed like Crane to me, so thanks for your validation. Not a lot of people know Crane or think about his work nowadays!

Will there be a conclusion to the story, or does that depend on Zuda?

Dan Thompson said...

Whether or not there will be a conclusion depends on ZUDA voters, hopefully people will like it enough to take a few seconds to sign up and vote for Reno, sadly, things aren't lookin' too good for our Big Trucker.

I think Cartoonists like Sickles, Caniff, and Raymond were certainly the best of the best, but Roy Crane is right up there. He was the "fly by the seat of your pants, and hang on" type of ink slinger that just floors me. Captian Easy, and Buz Sawyer are two of the greatest action heroes to ever grace the newspaper page (Wash Tubbs too)