Friday, February 29, 2008

Mike Lynch Cartoon in February 29, 2008 WSJ

Above: the "Pepper ... and Salt" cartoon as it appears at the Wall Street Journal Web site.

One of the things I do is try to think of commonly used business terms and how I can twist them to find the funny in them. Some of these corporate terms that I've used in published cartoons this year:
Sometimes it's a challenge to take a term and make a cartoon out of it. The corporate jet, for instance, is not necessarily funny in and of itself. But skew the idea of what's trendy, and there you have a cartoon fit for WSJ.

Above: the original. Comparing my version with what is published (top), looks like they dropped out the wash and slightly squished it to fit their square format. I wasn't asked to redraw it. If I redrew it, I would've drawn it with a bolder line and gotten rid of the cloud formation that seems to dominate the smaller version.

Pick, pick, pick.



Mike, I gottwo checks in 2 weeks from Cartoon Features. Howdidyou get into the WSJ website? Do you have to subscribe? By the way,In Charlotte,NC, where I moved to in December, They got an inch of snow
north of use and they closed the school. I miss some ofthe snow we got in PA. Best Don


Mike, Great gag. Do you subsribe to the WSJ?

Mark Anderson said...

BTW, Andertoons is getting a corporate rowboat now.

Mike Lynch said...

Don, you can access the WSJ editorial page on the Web. You don't have to subscribe.

The way that Andertoons is going, I won't be surprised if I hear Reed Richards is building you a Fantasticar!

I saw the cartoon in the real, dead-tree paper and I was so disappointed at how ineffective it was due to my not being asked to redraw the thing in a bold line. Ah well!