Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Above: our yard and driveway on Monday. Looks pretty, but cold. The little tan thing on the left is the bird feeder and the black thing on the right is the car at the end of the driveway. I'm taking the photo with my back to the house.

Above: Here is the way it is today. We had more snow, then freezing rain. This is the driveway and a birch tree, folded over (out of frame), weighed down by ice. The part that's touching the ground should be waaay up in the air.

A trio of snowstorms in the past week has me snowblowing every other day.

We're ready for spring!


David King said...

I wish I lived where you do. The weather in California is so boring-- a light mist is a "rain storm" . PHOOEY

Mark Anderson said...

Just every other day? You sissy!

I've been out like every day! Plus none of my tree are droopy, thanks to my new plant food, Arboragra!

Mike Lynch said...

David, come on over. Bring a shovel. Join the fun!

Mark, stop growing those mutant plants. They're no good. Have you never seen DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS or LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!!!???