Sunday, February 24, 2008

Video: Jean-jacques Sempé on Rene Goscinny and Le Petit Nicolas

Above: a series of screen captures from the French TV documentary video by Didier Lanoy titled Historie du Petit Nicolas -- lots of Sempé drawings and lots of video of Sempé in the act of drawing.

From the Italian-language site site (Google translated to English here) comes a lovely documentary in French about Jean-jacques Sempé, Rene Goscinny and their creation of Le Petit Nicolas.

Click on the above link to get watching. Even if you don't know French (like me), it's great fun to watch the man (Sempé) draw.

Here's Gianfranco Goria's description of the France 5 series:
" ... Sempé recounts anecdotes, the choice of name Nicolas, the various elaborations of this pleasant and entertaining character who is still very popular in France and beyond."

Much, much more video about Rene Goscinny and Asterix (and even a documentary about Hergé) here.

A big tip of the hat to Gianfranco Goria!


Gianfranco Goria said...

You are very kind! :-)
Thank you!
You also are doing a good work with your blog!...

Linette Moore said...

Thanks for the terrific link!

Mike Lynch said...

My thanks to Gianfranco once again for these marvelous videos.

Brian, thanks for the kind words.

Jonathan Fulk said...

so it looks like the link is dead! i was also linking to this video from youtube for an educational website. do you have any idea where we can find another clip or maybe the actual video?