Friday, February 15, 2008

Pitching Your Comic Strip

From yesterday's CNN Money site comes Pitching your ideas to the big shots. Sure, it's another one of those "here's how you get your comic strip submission to stand out in the sea of 5,000 other submissions" sorta articles. You've seen these articles before, but I always read these to see if there's anything I haven't thought of.
"Ultimately it boils down to the cartoonist's voice: a sense of humor that very many people can relate to or project themselves onto," says Brendan Burford, King Features' comics editor.

The graphic next to the article is of THE SIMPSONS, a TV show as if we don't all know that. (Maybe it's because today's Matt Groening's birthday. But I digress.) Why the CNN Money folks put a TV show instead of a graphic from a comic strip, I don't know. Maybe the next time they do an article about THE SIMPSONS they will put in a graphic of THE BUMSTEADS.

Hat tip to Comics Reporter!

Above graphic "Tack's Cartoon Tips," a 1923 how-to booklet by "Tack" Knight, that I found linked at Cartoon Snap via Dave Blog. Complete Flickr set of the book is here.

And these comments at Cartoon Brew got even more information on Tack, a guy whose work I've seen in cartoon history books. His cartoons are easy to point out. He signed his name by drawing a thumb tack. ... Hmm. He does not seem to be doing that in 1923 by the looks of this booklet.

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Jane Hards Photography said...

Agree with you about reading tips of how to, but ultimately you have to have the talent, which most seem to lack. you obviously don't lack it.