Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun!: The Ballad of Lieutenant D'Amato

I think we all know that if you're on the original STAR TREK and you're wearing a red shirt, then your days are numbered. A smart guy would choose another color shirt. The same color that Spock and McCoy wear! Yeah, that's it!

But that's no guarantee ....

Laugh out loud at The Ballad of Lieutenant D'Amato by Bully! Thanks for this, Bully!

Above: Photo of actor Arthur Batanides from STAR TREK (The Old Show), as "Lieutenant D'Amato," the Senior Geologist, in the episode That Which Survives from Memory Alpha.

Below: Photo of Lee Meriweather as "Losira," ditto other information.
"I am for Lt. D'Amato."

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Mark Anderson said...

I am for laughing at the Ballad of Lieutenant D'Amato.

Brian Fies said...

You had to know I'd be all over this. Thanks for thinking of me.

P.S.: I see that my "Word Verification" codeword is "bushqwl," which almost looks like a political cartoon itself.