Sunday, April 06, 2008

Finish This Comic Strip

Above: National Cartoonists Society Division Award nominee for Magazine Illustration Daryll Collins (Thanks Daryll!) tries his hand at solving our three comic strips. Details below:

As you may remember, I posted three comic strips without a final panel.

The alligator strip:

Astronaut strip:
And the Rapunzel strip:

My cartoon class, composed of teenage guys, all took a shot at resolving the strips with their own funny last panel. Here are just a few of their solutions:

Above: the large, lightbulb-head alien smilingly tells us that it's "My second one."

For the Rapunzel strip: our man gets to the top, only to be confronted with Rapunzel's dang answering machine!

Above: Rapunzel plummets, taking out our protagonist in the process!

Above: for the alligator strip, the trusting tooth-cleaning bird is chomped to death, feathers flying, and a second evil little bird has appeared above, sprinkling even more condiments.

I thought they were all great, and, just look: all of the guys stayed on model. Now let's look in on some pros and amateurs from across the Web who also played:

Above: Dan Beyer with a confused bird!

Above: Brian Moore surprises us with a narcissistic bow-tied alien giant.

Above: Dan Beyer once more, with a biiiig surprise for the Rapunzel strip. This one made me laugh out loud!

Above: Ray Betancourt goes where no man wants to go. Look at the crooked mouth and big eyes on the guy. He's gonna hurl! This made me laugh out loud and also gross out a wee bit.

Above: Richard Blanco with what I hope is a nice strong 2-ply roll. I like how cross our man looks as he struggles to keep up with the unfurling TP roll!

Above: lastly and not leastly, my cartoony pal, the man who is both like a brother and the family pet to me -- the one and only Mark Anderson -- throws us forward in time for the final Rapunzel panel as our loving couple is getting married. She has put all her hair up for the nuptials. It shakes and quivers under the wide eyed preacher.

My thanks to all who participated, pro or student or wannabe, for taking a moment out of their lives last week to play. I was really touched when you emails came in. Thanks!!!


Marek Bennett said...

Mike --

What a rich set of panels... I think Daryll Collins' three panels together make for a pretty action-packed strip in their own right!

-- Marek

Mark Anderson said...

Thanks for posting those! That Pez one takes the cake! DANG!

Also... woof! Woof woof!

Richard Blanco said...

Thanks for posting, Mike.
It was fun to participate.

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. The kids in your class are lucky to have you.

Spikey said...

Glad you liked it Mike and thanks for the link!

Mike Lynch said...

My thanks to all of you guys who took the time to participate. I've gotten so many nice comments, on the blog, as well as in the ol' personal email. Let me tell ya, cartoonists is the greatest people there is!