Monday, April 07, 2008

Mark Anderson Interview

Above: Jaw thrust determinedly outward, hands on hips, Mark "Andertoons" Anderson is ready to leap the Conde Nast building in a single bound! A photo from Mark's visit to NYC in the Fall of 2006.

The Business Owners' Cafe site, "A Fun Approach to Serious Business," interviews my fellow cartoonist and pal Mark Anderson.

What's the toughest part of running your biz?
Explaining to people why their ideas for a cartoon aren't usually very funny. You get a lot of "is there a way we could work our mission statement into the punchline?" Oh yeah, that's a laugh riot!

What's the most fun part?
That "A-HA!" moment where you just crack yourself up and know that your cartoonist buddies will hit themselves in the forehead for not thinking of it first.

Anything you would have done differently?
I probably should've quit my day job sooner. I was surprised how much more art I could get done when I was downsized.

More here.

I really liked the interview. There are certainly times when a client wants to edit a cartoon, and if it's funnier, I don't protest.

And, Mark's "A-HA!" moment is my favorite moment too. I like the writing better than the drawing these days!

And your style, your cartoon drawing style that is, will never mature into your own unless you can produce a lot of drawings. Quitting my regular job was a key to making this happen -- and producing good, consistent, quality cartoons.

I'd like to thank Mark for thanking "Mike" publicly three times. I'd like to, that is, until I realized that there was no last name mentioned, so ... of course he meant Michael Landon, Michael Landon, and Michael Landon.

Damn you, Anderson!!!

But, I gotta admit, Mr. Landon does have great hair.

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