Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MORE BOBBY SOX by Marty Links

Above: Marty Links circa 1954 from her bio page at Lambiek.

Animator John Kricfalusi has posted a number of Bobby Sox single panel newspaper cartoons at his blog. Go and see!

Some background:

Bobby Socks (later retitled Emmy Lou, after the bobby socks craze was moribund) was the creation of a female cartoonist, Marty Links, who passed away in January.

"By the way, if you happen to be confused by the the given name of the cartoonist, you're not alone. So, apparently, was The National Cartoonists' Society, of which she was one of the first female members. Correspondence from the Society was addressed to 'Mr. Marty Links' even after she'd given birth to her first child. She offered to send them her bust size."

- from Don Markstein's Toonpedia

Shaenon K. Garrity has a tribute to Bobby Sox's creator Marty Links here.

Hat tip to Journalista!

Photo of Marty Links at left from the Heritage Series site.


Brian Fies said...

Thanks for this. "Emmy Lou" was terrific. I always liked the look of the strip, and as I look at it now it seems to embody kind of a stylistic transition from the 1930s through the 1960s, wrapping up some beautiful linework and lanky character design in between. The work has that great mid-century aesthetic that I love. Marty Links was a real talent, and I'm sorry I didn't know she passed away just last January. Another one I would've liked to have met and thanked....

Mike Lynch said...

Sam here, Brian. I had no idea she's passed away. The look of her strip still seems fresh to me now.