Monday, October 13, 2008

Hee Haw Comics

A buncha people telling jokes in a cornfield? What else could it be bur HEE HAW! in comic book form from Brian Hughes' Again With the Comics blog.

Hat tip to Newsarama, as well as several others places I can't recall.

Can anyone credit the artist?


Ger Apeldoorn said...


Maybe you can turn the male pattern baldness doodle into a joke if you sidestep on the idea... "i gave my lawn a combover' could be w ood joke for a gardening magazine. Of course, the talking man shold be bald himelf. Or it's someone with a combover and someone else asks him where he get his gardening ideas. Or someone has mawed two huge gaps into the lawn and says... 'I think it makes it look smarter'.

Steven Rowe said...

ere are three known Hee Haw artists (not that this art looks like these guys): Jon D'Agostino, Frank Ribage, Tony Tallarico.

Mike Lynch said...

Ger, thanks for the suggestions. I think that comment is for another blog entry, but thanks anyway.

Steven, I know Tony Tallarico! And I bet you're right that it's one of them.