Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Orlando Busino Honored

I'm happy to let everyone in on the news that the National Cartoonists Society Connecticut Chapter, headed by Brian Walker, will honor my friend and swell cartoonist Orlando Busino at its dinner this evening. Regretfully, I'm unable to be there. Regardless, I'll raise a glass to you, sir.

Above: back cover of OH, GUS, a collection of cartoons by Orlando Busino and copyright 1981 by Mr. Busino.


Rod McKie said...

I'm a fan. I found his work for the first time over here in the Animals, Animals, Animals collection. Congratulations Mister Busino (love the dog noses).

Anonymous said...

May I post a link I got of the pictures of the event? For all you fans out there.

Mike Lynch said...

Couldn't agree more, Rod. Orlando is a great fellow and deserves this, for sure.

Schirah, where are your photos? Please post a link. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike, I get lost surphing the web, I forgot I offered till I wound up here again :)
here is the link