Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I first saw this last week, and now, Robert F. Kennedy is on the Rachel Maddow Show talking about it this very minute. My apologies for my tardiness.

Anyway, he (Mr. Kennedy) and Greg Palast wrote it and there are great comics by Ted Rall, Lloyd Dangle and Lukas Ketner. Here's the site. You can download it for as little as $1. There's also a documentary.

On Sunday I attended a local get together of state reps and senators. There's concern about the privately programmed no-one-must-see-the-code voting machines. Here's hoping that this comic can help raise awareness and some good, old fashioned outrage.

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Mark Anderson said...

As big a fan as I am of tech, maybe voting is one thing best left looooow tech.

Maybe a decibel meter and we can all yell for our candidate?