Friday, October 03, 2008

SPX Bound

See you next week. I'm off to the Small Press Expo! I don't have a comic book or a mini-comic to sell, I'm just hanging out and saying hi to a lot of great cartoonists.


Matt Jones said...

Howdy Mike-thought you'd be interested to hear about my meeting with Ronald Searle last weekend-see my animation/art blog for details.


Anonymous said...

Please check in with Kate Beaton and see what she's up to now that she's moved away from the mines of Western Canada!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the link, Matt J.

I looked for Kate Beaton at the SPX. I heard she was there from several people. I asked Raina Telgemeier to please let me know if she spotted her. Everyone knows Raina and everyone stops by her and Dave's table. But, unfortunately, I missed Kate. Aw, crud!