Friday, October 10, 2008

The Kirk Tribute

William Shatner. The Shat. Captain Kirk.

Without him, the new TREK movie will not ... [insert dramatic pause] ... be ... [ditto] ... STAR TREK.

The above 4 minute video, meticulously edited by Joseph Scotti, runs a little long, but so did The Shat. Lots of images and dialogue that long time STAR TREK (The Old Show) fans know in their bones. The background music adds to it. Scotti did a bang up job here. I can only wonder about the number of hours he spent mixing this. My thanks to him.

Kirk is many things in the TV series: cowboy diplomat, self-assured playboy, elusive tactician, a self-sacrificing friend, a hero, maybe even a "tin plated dictator with delusions of godhood" -- but (say it with me) "he was NEVER a boy scout!"

Love or hate him, Shatner is Kirk. It's disappointing that the actor will not be seen as his iconic character in the new, reimagined, rebooted STAR TREK movie, scheduled for summer 2009 release. Nimoy will be in it, playing a featured role as Spock, as most of you know. (There will also be a younger actor playing the Spock role for the majority of the movie, and there is a large cast of mostly-unknown young actors portraying the original crew "in its first adventure.") But Nimoy is the only TOS cast member in the movie.

I'll miss the Shat energy, the Shat pause, the Shat judo/fistfights, and all those great speeches that can destroy a computer, too!

Oh, nice touch from Mr. Scotti: the final scene of the above video is the last shot of the final TV series episode, "Turnabout Intruder."

And here are a couple more of the best Shat/Kirk Moments:

"Risk is our business"

"All I ask is a tall ship"

More TREK Moments here


Jeff said...

Hi, Mr Lynch; long time listener, first time caller...

While I do admire Mr Shatner a great deal, there's just one small thing about this post that is bothersome.

The use of the word "Shat" as an abbreviation for his name. Shat is generally known as the past tense use of Shit. It is hoped that we agree that Mr Shatner is not shit.

Thank you and have a very pleasant day.

Brian Fies said...

Mind your own business, Mr. Lynch! I'm sick of your half-breed interference!

Thanks, Mike. We ... the ... PEOPLE ... appreciate this post.

It was fun. (croak)