Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video Your Vote

David Gillette, "Cartoon Journalist," asks that if you see something at the polling booths, then say something -- or, better yet, video it and put it out there. The video runs about a minute and a half

I've never heard of Gilette before, aside from this Drawn piece, but I did like his sentiment. While I don't hold PBS in high esteem (If they got all those "business reports" shows, why isn't there a "labor report" show?), I do believe in transparency. Maybe we should all make sure we got our video recording phones with us on November 4th.


Anonymous said...

This is a highly questionable idea because most states do not allow photographs to be taken inside a polling place.

As a former newspaper photographer, I was promised bodily harm and the loss of my camera for trying to take an artsy photo legs underneath booth curtains, and vanishing points.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Deborah. I did not know this. I've seen video of candidates voting (walking in and out of the curtained voting booth, waving to the crowds), and there are a lot of images via Google like the shot you described. I wonder if there's a difference between a private individual and a paid professional photographer taking photos.