Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Brian Fies: Graphic Novelist & Modelmaker!

My multi-talented, multi-tasking pal Brian Fies built the above spaceship as a drawing reference for his upcoming graphic novel. Yeah. He built it from scratch! Here's Brian:

"I thought some of you might like this. There's a passage in Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow set in 1945 in which my character goes to the movies to watch a Flash-Gordon-style serial. I therefore had to come up with something Flash-Gordon-style to put on the movie screen. For reasons that'll be apparent if (when!) you read the book, I created my own fictional universe-within-a-universe rather than use actual stills from real movies--which also avoided the problem of tracking down 60-year-old copyrights and asking permission.

"So first I built a spaceship"
More here.

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Brian Fies said...

It was startling to click on your blog and wonder if I'd hit the wrong bookmark. Thanks for the mention, Mike. When you and I are old men, we can sit together on a porch whittling rocketships to our hearts' content.