Sunday, November 02, 2008

From the Sketch Pad

I was traveling last week. I took my sketchbook (the landscape hardbound 3.5" x 5.5" Global Arts Hand Book Journal hardbound) with me to capture a few moments. I used a Pigma Micron pen and a bit of watercolor here and there. I carry a kids' $1.99 bought-in-a-drugstore watercolor paint set in my bag.

Above: St. Louis is deserted. Or rather, the St. Louis airport is deserted around lunch time on October 28th, when I had a layover.

I had a bite to eat in a lonely cafe and read the Post-Dispatch, and, of course, noticed the Weatherbird on the cover. Currently drawn by Dan Martin, the Weatherbird has been on the cover of every PD edition since 1901, making it "the oldest continuously running daily cartoon in the country" according to the Weatherbird blog. Yes, the Weatherbird has his own blog!

Above: this fellow was in front of a line at the airport newsstand. He was assuring VERY LOUDLY whoever it was on the other end of his Bluetooth that he was a deadly efficient capitalist businessman -- all the while, the man was grindingly slow to find any valid currency on his person to complete a transaction of 75 cents. Ugh.

Above: on the bus -- this woman seated behind me kept up a color commentary for the 2 hour ride from Dover, NH to Logan Airport. Click to supersize, natch.


Marek Bennett said...

These are great! I can't wait to see the graphic novel about that bus ride to Logan...

Mark Anderson said...

I just adore this sketch book travel stuff you've been doing as of late! Not that I want you stuck behind guys at the airport shop, but I love looking at it!!!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the exceedingly kind words of encouragement. These drawings are actually very tiny and I shudder to think at how large they can be blown up. Glad you guys liked 'em.