Friday, November 14, 2008

The Future of Political Cartoonists

At least from the point of view of an editorial cartoonist from another hemisphere ....

New Zealand TV interviewer Paul Henry talks to NZ editorial cartoonist Tom Scott (here's a link to PDF bio page for him) in the below video upon the occasion of the Cartooning for Peace conference.

How would you react if an interviewer asked you," ... [Cartoons] seem -- if you don't mind me saying -- to be sort of quite hokey, in a way, and yet they are enduring, in a way, aren't they?"

Tom Scott holds his own and the only thing I disagreed with was the idea that cartoons are hokey. There are more cartoons and more readers of cartoons than any other time in history!

From TV New Zealand, here is the clip. It runs about 5 and a 1/2 minutes.


Sandra said...

I liked the comment Pepper (was that the woman's name?) made at the end of that segment...that the cartoonist had to have brains AND drawing ability in order to create their editorial cartoon and that it couldn't be easy. Very nice way to end the piece particularly after Paul's comment that the cartoons were "hokey". Thanks for posting that, Mike.

Tyler Garn said...

He mentioned Aussie Cathy Wilcox. She has some funny stuff on the Sydney Morning Harold website

I love the "no smoking on the beach" gag.

Matt Jones said...

Nice video of Brit cartoonist Steve Bell in today's Guardian website:

Mark Anderson said...

I agree, that "hokey" comment cheesed me off right away, but all in all it was a good interview.

Loved the "cold snap" comment!