Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Economic Slowdown? Expand! Raise Prices!

One of the things you have to if you are going to be a freelance cartoonist -- a creator who moves from client to client, with no real home port, peddling your cartoons, surviving on your wits -- you have to an optimist. At least I do; even if that's completely opposite of the national mood.

As pundits and spinners and op ed writers and experts say these are absolutely, positively the worst days since the depression, I shrug and remember I can't change the time I'm born into.

This article from the NY Times Not a Bad Time for Small Businesses to Raise Prices, along with Monday's article Reader’s Digest Pushes on in Weak Climate, puts me in a good mood. I like a good contrarian.


Shep said...

Ms. Bender certainly has her head screwed on right, a great forward thinker.

Shep said...

Berner ... Bender ... close enuff for govt work!

Mark Anderson said...

There's some interesting advice in that NYT piece. It'd be fun to try some of them out, if only you weren't gambling everything on a quick quotable.