Friday, November 07, 2008

Quentin Blake

Above: a screenshot of one of Mr. Blake's videos.

Illustrator Quentin Blake is one of those quiet fellows who has been around (over 300 books so far) and influenced a generation. Best known as the fellow who draws the pictures in the Roald Dahl books, his latest project is THE BOY IN THE DRESS written by Little Britain's co-star Richard Walliams.

BBC has a profile of Quentin Blake here.

And Mr. Blake's site has a couple of wonderful videos, that take us into his studio where he shows us his process. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even if you don't know who this Blake guy is. Just look at his organization (over 200 books' worth of originals, all neatly cubby-holed by title in their own portfolios) and we get to watch his drawing and redrawing process -- in real time. This is really good stuff and worth the clicking and watching time to do.

A big hat tip to the Forbidden Planet blog.


Richard Blanco said...

Thanks, Mike.
Wow!!! What a wonderful look at a great illustrator at work.
I love the pen line and the way he applies watercolor to the finished drawing.

Shep said...

Great post, Mike. As usual, both informative and enjoyable.

Linette Moore said...

Delightful! Thanks for the link.

Matt Jones said...

Did u see French artist Sylvain Marc meeting Blake?

Bear said...

Really great. Thanks for turning me onto Quentin Blake.

Sherm said...

Thanks for the heads up on that Quentin Blake video. A real treat!

richardcthompson said...

Aw, that was inspiring. It even showed Roald Dahl in his little writing shed!

Thanks, Mike. You're a Really Useful Blogger.

The Cartoonist said...

Fabulous! Many thanks for this.