Friday, July 17, 2009

Calendar for Gags & Cartoons

From THE CARTOONIST'S AND GAG WRITER'S HANDBOOK by Jack Markow, here is a list of gag cartoon topics separated by month.

Since most cartoonists have to work weeks or months ahead, if it is a sunny day in mid-summer (like today) you should be thinking up some great gags for November and December. Yup, you the cartoonist are there, standing on your backyard patio with your "Kiss the Cook" apron, cooking weenies on the grill, while trying to think up some cartoons having to do with colder months. Subjects like

  • election day
  • pilgrims
  • sending Christmas cards
  • last minute shopping
  • kid on Santa's lap
  • New Year's Eve
  • and so on.

Here's the gag calendar, which serves not only as a reminder of what to submit when, but a series of great seasonal topics for cartoonists. Save, that is, for any popular trend, movement or technology developed in the past 42 years:

THE CARTOONIST'S AND GAG WRITER'S HANDBOOK is copyright 1967 by Writer's Digest, Cincinnati, OH.


dan reynolds said...

THanks for reminding me...I HAVE this book myself in my cartoon library. It is a good book! I recommend it. too.

Mike Lynch said...

What Dan said. Of all the books on the shelf, this is in the top five best.

Anonymous said...

I love this book. I've had my copy since I was a teenager.

Jeff P.