Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Video: Tom Gammill

Here's Tom Gammill, who, as you know draw THE DOOZIES newspaper comic strip, and he's worked on some TV show with Max Pross called THE SIMPSONS, and SEINFELD is another -- anyway, here is Mr. Gammill, the cartoonist, with a tongue-in-cheek peek behind the scenes at his studio. Watch for a cameo by a surly teen child.

Tom Gammill Lesson Eighteen

A hat tip to Mr. Gammill for this! Thanks, Tom!


Brian Fies said...

Man, and I thought I had the lamest studio and eye-rollingest teenagers . . .

Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, now I really feel down in the dumps. My studio is a cardboard box on an interstate highway.
Thanks for the smile.
Dan Reynolds

John Sheppard said...

Very funny.

Gammill should be on TV ... oh, right. He was on TV!!!!!