Thursday, July 02, 2009

Freedom Cartoons

Here are some cartoons I have drawn that have to do with freedom. Well, really, it's freedom getting thwarted.
The above cartoon was published in the Kansas City Star, upon occasion of a National Cartoonists Society convention there.

"Sorry, dear, I can't get away now"

Above: This was a challenge to color. When I hit on the poor fellow in the middle being the only one who has warm colors, then the composition took form. Originally published in Reader's Digest.
"I accept. But there may some monitoring for quality assurance."

Above: from a series of cartoons for a call center group.

Above: from the Harvard Business Review. Just goes to show you that even a business mag may publish a cat cartoon!

"We've either got to euthanize him or put him out to stud."

The Chronicle of Higher Education ran the above "rat in a maze" cartoon of mine. I think it's the only rat in a maze cartoon I've ever sold.

"Huddled masses, line 5."

The Statue of Liberty is a good topic for cartoons. One odd tocuh: that's her stone tablet to the left of the desk, leaning up against it.

An early cartoon of mine from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Above: the rat in the treadmill goes home to his own treadmill. The epitome of life in these times.

"Your loan application is rejected, but here's a thank you card for the bail out."

Above: no one bought the gag cartoon making fun of TARP and corporations. Maybe it was too to the point.

Above: a Funny Times cartoon that is so true.

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Anonymous said...

Please, can you tell me what the word "rote" on the last cartoon means?