Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Some Mike Lynch Cartoons

When people ask, "What kind of cartoons do you draw?" I am sometimes stuck for an answer. Here are some diverse cartoons for different markets that don't really fit into any category -- except, I hope, the "funny" category.

A lot of my markets are business markets (Wall Street Journal and so on). So, any cartoon that can successfully riff on a corporate theme (business meetings, Powerpoint presentations, or, in this case, Bring Your Child to Work Day) can usually get an OK.

In this "Pick Your Berries, Pick Your Nose" cartoon, I saw a "Pick Your Own Berries" sign and, I think I said out loud, something like, "and pick your own nose too. Ha, ha, ha." Sometimes an idea just pops into your head. When this happens, I panic if I can't write it down IMMEDIATELY. I hate it when I forget an idea. Writing it down within a few seconds is a rule. Yes, even if I have to pull the car I'm driving to the side of the road.

And try explaining what you're doing to the highway patrol!

We all know people who don't share. This was an opportunity to use the slang "Bogarting" in a punch line for a business cartoon.

Above: a hot snowman. He won't last long.

The Seven Dwarfs of the Business World was a goofy, weird one to come up with. Looking at it again, I still like it, but it really is just plain odd.

If I say so myself, I like the sketchiness of the background; just a few lines suggests a building in the background. I don't know what an obscene emoticon would look like, but it's fun to imagine.
These are just a few of the thousands that I've drawn. Thanks for dropping by and if you're ever looking for cartoons for your presentation or text book, let me know. I'll be right here, drawing up some more.


Royston Robertson said...

Great stuff, Mike. Love the pupa gag particularly!

Barry Corbett said...

The 7 dwarfs of the Business World was the best one!

I had an idea this morning...and I lost it in the time it took me to get Google up to find some reference material. Couldn't have been more than 3 minutes!!!!

Jack Ruttan said...

Those are funny, and also nice examples of "staging," too!