Monday, July 20, 2009

Unseen Super-hero Parody by Jerry De Fuccio and Al Jaffee

Here are a half dozen samples of a superhero parody comic strip by MAD Magazine regulars Jerry De Fuccio and Al Jaffee. The original strips were published once, by Ron Frantz, in the comic book FANTASTIC ADVENTURES #2, published by Ace Comics in 1987.

While it's not noted that the strips were a proposal to a syndicate, my guess is that, barring a commissioned-but-not-run piece for MAD Magazine, that is what they may be. They also, so far as I can make out, do not have a title. Or at least, Frantz does not cite one.

More Al Jaffee: T. Hodler asks, "Where did Al Jaffee get the idea of depicting fish skeletons whenever he draws someone vomiting?" And the man answers him.

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