Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Garden at Mid-July

Okay, time to check in on the garden. That's it on the lower right, 5 raised beds.

Above: this box has been given over to strawberries. We got lots of strawberries during strawberry season. The only problem was the bluejays who (I didn't know this) LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries, pecking great gashes into them. The solution: place rubber snakes in the bed. It seemed to work on the timid ones, but, you know, there really aren't too many timid jays.

Above, from left to right, broccoli, peas and yellow squash. All doing nicely.

In between the sunflowers (which are growing like weeds here and there -- and if they aren't in the way, then they get to stay) is lettuce. Zucchini and chard are in there as well.

Foreground: runner beans, which just started to bloom last week. Bees and hummingbirds love runner bean blossoms. Background: 6 tomato plants, with some wee green tomatoes on them.

And then there are things that are hidden or in back of other aforementioned big & bushy plants: okra, radishes, basil, onion, oregano, dill, cucumber, and a few more I'm forgetting.

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Paul Giambarba said...

A tip of the Hatlo hat to a great gardener. Very, very impressive. We have given up on our strawberries. Chipmunks start eating them when they are green. Obviously, your cats have them under control.

Richard Blanco said...

Great garden, Mike.
Do you grow any herbs?
Gina and I have Basil, Rosemary, Italian Parsley, Chives and Oregano.

Benita said...

Beautiful garden Mike! So fun to watch everything grow.

Mike Lynch said...

Paul, I cannot take all the credit. It's John Nolan, cartoonist Stephanie Piro's husband, whose garden in nearby Farmington rivals the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, who advised me to buy and plant in compost. That's made all the difference.

Richard, we have many herbs, all in a separate little garden.

Benita, one day you'll have to wander over to this side of the US and you can help weed, OK?

RoB said...

The garden looks great, Mike. what wood do you use for the beds? Is it treated in any way? I'm not using beds, but would like to next year to make my garden more manageable. I'm hoping comic artists give gardening advice...

Mike Lynch said...

RoB, I just use untreated pine. Don't use the more expensive treated stuff since that will leech bad chemicals into your lovely vegetables.

Great idea! Maybe in 2010 I'll start a Cartoonists' Gardening Advice blog!

Benita said...

Oh, ha ha, on your suggestion, Mike. I have three acres here of foxtails and star thistle. 110ºs here yesterday, so that gives me the day off. We could use some of your water please.