Thursday, December 10, 2009


Successful gag cartoons do their work in seconds. First, the picture: the reader has to know what the situation is and who is talking. Then, the words: a brief glance to a (preferably) small gag line at the bottom and -- (hopefully) SUCCESS! -- the gag cartoon is funny. It worked.

The big names in gag cartooning -- the names people remember -- are the ones who spent time crafting entire worlds. Case in point, Don Flowers. OK, not a household name -- but there has been a recent collection of his work and he was prolific in his day. Just look at the flowing lines and elegant folds in the bride's dress, the well thought out composition of the art.

Comicrazys has lots of Don Flowers today. Go see! And psend more than a few seconds looking at each cartoon! They deserve to be lingered over.


leifpeng said...

Great find, Mike - thanks for the heads-up on Don Flowers... I had never heard of him!

Paul said...

Beautiful! Nice fluid lines and spotted blacks that remind me of Hank Ketcham's work.