Tuesday, December 01, 2009

In Search of ... Al Kaufman

Michael Maslin, at his Ink Spill blog, asks for help in getting biographical information about prolific gag cartoonist Al Kaufman.

"Al Kaufman, who published in The New Yorker from December 13, 1947 through July 10, 1978 is the first name I'll offer up to Ink Spillers. If you have any information regarding Mr. Kaufman please write to me through this site by going to the Contact button on the right side of this page. Many thanks."
Al was a popular, post-war gag cartoonist, who signed his full name nice and clear at the bottom of all of his cartoons. I know his work through those Lawrence Lariar BEST CARTOONS books.

Harry Green has blogged about Mr. Kaufman, showcasing a large selections of gag cartoons (including the one above) from YOU'VE GOT ME IN THE SUBURBS Copyright © 1957 Lawrence Lariar.

And I have shown some of his cartoons before, like the one above from BEST CARTOONS OF THE YEAR 1964 © 1963 Lawrence Lariar.

But we do not know that much about Al Kaufman. Harry has asked, and gotten a couple of replies in the above link to his blog. But Mr. Kaufman remains an elusive fellow.

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