Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SPACE: 1970 Blog by Christopher Mills

The STAR TREK communicator from a 1974 Penney's catalog.

Christopher Mills, at his SPACE: 1970 Blog, remembers being a kid in the 1970s and consuming science fiction TV shows and movies like SPACE:1999, UFO , GALACTICA, QUARK, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, and others. OK, some were good, but some were pretty bad. Regardless, all are now part of the memories of being a kid. And if you're a little older or a little younger, then Chris's essay on, for instance, ARK II or JASON OF STAR COMMAND won't be of any nostalgic wallowing kinda interest. If it is, then welcome to the club.

These times are gone, along with those Penney's and Sears' big Christmas catalogs. But it sure is fun to see some of these items and recall wanting all that stuff!

"I can't even begin to tell you how many hours I spent pouring over those pages, dreaming of getting every single Mego Star Trek and Planet of the Apes action figure under the Christmas tree... not to mention the Enterprise bridge playset! (Never got that, sadly.)"

Another reason to like Christopher Mills' blog: Spacebabes!

The painted cover to the first issue of the SPACE: 1999 comic book by Joe Staton. Yeah, I bought this when it came out!


Jack Ruttan said...

Well now, that's worth a link.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Christmas catalogs! Such good memories. I'd wear the pages down leafing through them. They officially signaled the start of the Christmas season for me as a boy.

Jeff P.