Monday, December 14, 2009

Meeting Brant Parker by Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson talks about visiting cartoonist Brant Parker when he (Richard) was a teenager. It was a big moment, meeting a real adult who cartoons for a living. Richard recalls visiting his studio to interview him for the school paper:

"He had a mustache, great eyebrows and kind eyes and he was affable and twinkly and immensely droll. I guess we went through a handshake and pleased to meet you and I love your work and all the usual niceties. Then I sat and listened to him answer questions, all the usual ones, and describe his work process, pretty much the usual process, and tell funny stories. And I remember what his studio looked like; it had a kitchen and an American flag on the ceiling and a TV that he kept on with the sound off (as inspiration, he said) and there were drawings everywhere."

The rest is here.

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