Friday, December 11, 2009

Editor & Publisher 1884-2009

Editor and Publisher, as well as Kirkus, will cease publication effective at the end of this year.

Shawn Moynihan, E&P's managing editor/online editor, wrote on the site:

As news spread of E&P's fate, the staffers have been inundated with calls from members of the industry it covers, and many others, expressing shock and hopes for a revival. Staff members will stay on for the remainder of 2009.

Greg Mitchell, editor since 2002, has hailed the staff and accomplishments, including a dozen major awards and strong showing on the Web for many years. Some staff writers/editors have been at E&P for a quarter of a century. "I'm shocked that a way was not found for the magazine to continue it some form -- and remain hopeful that this may still occur," he said.

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Mike said...

I'm sorry E&P is gone, but, as someone once said of a newspaper where I was working, it had become "a quick read." People are talking about Greg Mitchell's liberal politics as a factor, but it's more the way the magazine shifted to the newsroom. There are other departments at newspapers and you can't just cover one. Twas mission drift that killed E&P. Not the print/web issue. Not liberal politics. They simply took their eye off the target.