Monday, March 01, 2010

Business Cartoon Batch

"Might as well acclimate them when they're young."

I draw a lot of business cartoons because there are a lot of business cartoon markets. Here's a batch of ten for your perusal.

"Ooh! Let's go there and then Daddy will write off the family vacation."

When I say a "batch" of cartoons, I'm describing about 10 cartoons that I choose and mail (or email) to an editor for publication consideration.

"Wilson! Stop bogarting the bonuses and share the wealth!"

This is a typical batch. Some cartoons are stronger in terms of their "funniness" than others, all touch on some aspect of business.

"Thank goodness I died on Hawaiian Shirt Day, huh?"

This batch is a couple of years old. That's enough time for the cartoons to get to a lot of markets.

"He's not our founder. He just found us the most tax loopholes."

"It's not what you think. I gave the drivers a raise before we flew out."

"Oh, vowels are so 2006!"

"You traded the Harris account for two magic WHAT?"

"Oh, it's a great place to work, but the ergonomics are crap."

"After spending so much time and money on our lawsuit,
don't you think it would be a shame to go ahead and bribe me like this?"

Five of these cartoons were held, four were bought. Two of the cartoons were sold more than one time.

If you like, you can guess which ones sold. I'll let you know later ....


Mark Anderson said...

Oh man, that ergonomics one is just fantastic! WOW!

Gabriel said...

That Hawaiian shirt gag: one of my Mike Lynch cartoons of all times!

As Mark Anderson said, just WOW!