Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mort Walker Gag Cartoons

Ger Apeldoorn shares a batch of early original gag cartoons by Mort Walker. Ger notices something about them:

"What amazes me the most when I look at these originals, is the fact that Mort Walker didn't use any white-out on them. I a quite convinced they are presentation pieces (since the editor okayed them on the front in red), but I still don't know if they were published."

Happy belated birthday, Ger -- and good luck with your quest!

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Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen said...

I have a 1950's era Mort Walker magazine cartoon original in my collection. 8x11" on bristol board with a slight texture to it. Lots of blue wash for ben-day, but no white-out anywhere on the art.