Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Paypal Fraud

I'm simplifying this story. I actually had to call 5 different people in the Paypal office here and abroad.

So, here's what happened this morning:

I got about $200 taken from me via my Paypal debit card. The transactions were made by some Web merchant I never heard of in South Africa. I call Paypal's fraud dept. The card is canceled. I ask them how long it'll be before I get my money back. I get put on hold.

It's like they NEVER had someone ask this question.

Several minutes later ....

The fellow comes back on the line. He's nice guy, just trying to get the right answer. I'm told that I have to fill out a form and mail it (snail mail style) and, maybe, before the end of the month, I'll actually get my money back. He emails me the URL of the form.

Can't I just get it all back today? Don't you understand? It's MY money! Aren't we all just people? Help a guy out. Where's your sense of community? Can't I have my own money back NOW?


So, I'm filling out my Affidavit of Disputed PayPal ATM/Debit Card Transactions and I notice the above typo on their site.

THERE'S your sense of "commmunity."

That last "M"'s for MONEY!

It was a tiny moment of levity in a morning full of agitation.

Hope you guys are having a better day.


Benita said...

Oh, jeez, sorry to hear, that! Are we all vulnerable? Not to mention all your time on the phone.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for your sympathy, Benita.

Like a friend of mine commented on Facebook, eBay, PayPal, etc. all are just fine and cool -- until there's a problem.

Asin said...

You should have told them they are a bunch of morans!

I'd have to agree with your friend. These services are fine until you need some help.

Sherm said...

A few years ago I lost over $1200 to PayPal fraud. I got the money back after a month and WAY too much frustration. But I have a solution that's worked well for me: If you have to link PayPal to a bank account, create a separate bank account (I use ING - no fees!) and ONLY keep a small amount in there. If I need more PayPal funds, I just make an easy online transfer. That way none of my "real" bank account money is ever at risk. Hope that helps!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Sherm! Great tip!