Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cartoon Class

Above: the cartoon class graduation photo!

Last Friday was the final day for the cartoon class I've been teaching for the past 6 weeks. The kids -- there were about a dozen -- were grand and fearless artists. We drew a lot! (Just look at the Draw 16o cartoon class exercise!) Some really great kids -- some of whom I may be competing against to get jobs in 10 years!

I decided everyone should have a certificate of achievement or a diploma. Something to remember the class. So, I drew up some sketches:

I like the guy with the irreverent big mouth and tongue.

The reason for the hydrant is that we all draw a fire hydrant in class. A fire hydrant is the perfect example of good cartooning: you take some rectangles and circles and combine them together to easily make this very recognizable object. I also just like drawing fire hydrants.

This was cute, but, frankly, I though it was maybe ...uh .... a bit insulting. Like I said, this class was FULL of great kid cartoonists. Every one of them could draw better than that representative stick figure with his beret and pencil.

I drew up the middle one.

Above is an early draft. Below is the final, color version:

One of the things that the kids were not afraid of was DRAWING. And here, in this little behind the scenes bit, you can see that there is sometimes a lot of drawing that goes on the people do not see. Yes, cartooning is a bit of work. I mean, you have to letter and color and be able to draw on top of all that, dogs and hydrants and everything!


Mark Anderson said...

Oh man I gotta come take a class just to get one of those sweet certs!

Anonymous said...

So nice! talented kids and great teacher ;)