Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rochester Times: Pothole Contest

Above and below: some cartoons I drew in my sketchbook for submission to the Potholes, Frost Heaves and Sinkholes Contest

This is the time of year, here in New England (and pretty much anywhere else it got freezing cold this winter), when the pothole and the frost heave can change your life: you alter your usual route to the grocery, you get rattled or injured or -- worse yet -- your car gets injured. But, hey, it gives us all something to talk about.

There is a stretch of Governor's Road in Rochester, NH that resembles a roller coaster ride.

Once a year, you can do more than just tell old war stories about killer potholes to the kids around a campfire -- you can win a valuable prize!

The Rochester Times has its annual "Potholes, Frost Heaves and Sinkholes Contest." The winner receives a $75 gift certificate, courtesy of Poulin Auto Country, to go toward a front end alignment.

Contestants send in names and descriptions like The Moon Crater and One Track Mine Field or Spleen Splitter.

The Winner of the Pothole Contest is Dustin Pearce. Congratulations, Dustin! He "experienced a nightmare on a part of Four Rod Road that he called Cracked Axle Cliffs."

My wife entered the poem below, about that roller coaster ride stretch of Governor's Road between Farmington and Rochester. I added some illustrations.

It's the Most Bumpity Time of the Year
(sung to the tune of 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year')

It's the most bumpity time of the year –

When at night it's still freezing

But day temps are easing

And spring-time draws near –

It's the most bumpity time of the year.

It's the head-bangiest time of the year –

You tell your war stories

Of guts and of glory;

You veer more than steer –

It's the head-bangiest time of the year.

It's avoid-Governor's-Road time of year –

From Farm Town to Rochest

Please heed my behest

It's a gauntlet of tears!

It's the car-eatingest time of the year.

It's fore-head-thumpity time.

Your car's toast, jumpity time.

It's the most bumpity time of the year.

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