Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Editorial Cartoon is the Opinion of the Editorial Cartoonist

The August 23, 2010 Daily Eastern News has an editorial "The Daily Eastern News: Why We Are Here" by Sam Sottosanto, Editor in Chief, and Emily Steele, Managing Editor. They tell us that it's hard to know what news is these days, what with hyped up entertainment news or viral YouTube videos and so on. Mssrs. Sottosanto and Steele explain who they are and what the paper is.

"We are students, not only working at the paper, but also juggling five different classes at the same time.

"The Opinions section of the paper is the only page of the paper where students get to share their opinions"

And they go on to explain the role of their political cartoonist:
"The editorial cartoon is the opinion of the editorial cartoonist. We do not, as a staff, discuss what our editorial cartoons are.

"The cartoonist decides what he or she wants to draw and it is put into the paper with the consent of the Opinions Editor and Editor in Chief."

Sounds good. The entire op ed is here.

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Mike said...

Maybe I'm a little too attached to the right terms, but an editorial cartoon does, indeed, reflect the opinion of the editorial board.

A political cartoon does not.

There aren't a lot of editorial cartoons around anymore, mind you, but they were once the norm and helped distinguish the blue collar paper in town from the one the bankers read.