Monday, August 30, 2010

Harley Schwadron Interview

It's a rare thing to see an interview with the prolific gag cartoonist Harley Schwadron. Nw that I think of it, I don't think I have ever seen ANY interview with Harley, whose cartoons I see EVERYWHERE.

So, a hearty thanks for David Paccia's Wasting Paper blog, here's a look at who Harley Schwadron is; what pens he uses (Koh-i-noor # 3 and # 2 1/2), his favorite comic strip (GRIN AND BEAR IT by George Lichty), whether he's a righty or a lefty (I assume that means drawing -- not politics), advice to cartoonist beginners ("Draw the kind of cartoons you like, try to find your niche, and pray a lot") and more.

David, by the way, is interviewing all of the cartoonists on the planet at his blog. If you are a cartoonist and you have not had an interview at David's site, then look out. He is coming for you.

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