Wednesday, August 04, 2010

RICHIE RICH Artist Collaborates on Book with Daughter

Cartoonist Sid Couchey looks at some of his illustrations with (from left) daughter Laura Abate and grandchildren Lucas and Christian Abate. Photo by Alvin Reiner.

RICHIE RICH comic book artist Sid Couchey, along with Laura Abate, his daughter, has put together a new book that introduces fine art to children. Titled A CARTOONIST'S INTRODUCTION TO THE MASTERS, the book features Mr. Couchey's drawings of "Champy," the local legendary Lake Champlain sea monster. Suzanne Moore, writing for the Press Republican, has more here.

It's an art history book in simple language for ages 4 through 10 or so inspired by Sid's "Champy by the Masters" series — she [Laura] has written the text, and Sid contributes the illustration, showing how he brought the style of various master artists to bear on whimsical interpretations of the Lake Champlain sea monster.

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