Thursday, August 19, 2010

PC Mag: THQ's uDraw Tablet for Nintendo Wii

Above: Cartoonist Jason Pyke, one of the developers of the new Tablet, demonstrates his art on the THQ uDraw GameTablet for Wii.

Carol Mangis, writing for PC Magazine, reports on the uDraw Tablet for the Nintendo Wii, which was unveiled August 17th. It will sell for $69.99.

"Using the uDraw was like using a simpler wireless Wacom tablet; the Wii Remote docks in the tablet to provide connectivity. The 4- by 6-inch drawing surface provided plenty of room to draw. Getting started and figuring out the various controls was fairly simple (and then I found the tutorials, of course). Not so easy was controlling what I was drawing; it'll take some practice for me and I suspect for most people. But the possibilities are a bit mind-blowing!"

More photos and demo videos at the PC Mag link above.

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Unknown said...

awesome!!! :D
finally, a way to get drawn to life on the wii! :P