Friday, August 06, 2010

Johnny La Rue's New Project

I miss John Candy.

Here he is, in trouble at SCTV (as usual). There are many great moments: the crane shot that busted his POLYNESIANTOWN budget is mentioned over and over; La Rue bargains, blusters, cries; his new no-budget show STREET BEEF begins (first topic: "John Cassavettes: Filmmaker or Just Jerking Around?"; Guy Caballaro's classic "I just use that for the respect" line (at 3:25); Earl Camembert tries to tell a joke; Johnny reminds everyone that the rumors that he's gay are untrue. Just as funny as it was some 29 years ago, when I used to watch it right after SNL ended at 1AM.

And please note that the SCTV offices are located at the Department of Defense Toxic Waste Dump in beautiful downtown Melonville.

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