Monday, October 31, 2011

1966 Reuben Awards Journal Advertisements

 The cover of the Reubens Journal designed by Jerry Robinson.

The 20th anniversary year for the National Cartoonists Society was 1966. Here are some of the advertisements from the Reubens Journal of that year.

The NCS offsets its costs by selling ad space to members -- as well as others who may want to advertise. Many of these are special and unknown drawings by some of the great cartoonists.

Charles Schulz:

Rube Goldberg:

Hank Ketcham saluting the one and only Percy Crosby:

Bud Blake, along with Whitney Darrow, Jr. and Robert Day, salute the Howard Johnson restaurant chain:

Mort Walker:

Charles Saxon for IBM:

Marvel Comics:


 Chester Gould:

Mell Lazarus:

 James Thurber:

Walt Kelly:

Harold Gray:

 Jim Berry for NEA:

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