Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More 1970s Interiors

OK, it's not comics as usual today. Consider it a mod palate cleanser.

Part of the Doubleday Home Decorating Program, SEW EASY by Lillian Weiss is a "handbook of creative sewing for the home." Provided, of course, that you are living in 1970. The book is copyright that year by Nelson Doubleday, Inc.

Not for the faint of heart, this is a raw feed of some serious 70s interior design. For more, please peek at 1970s Interiors.

The wave pattern in some of the photos is an unintentional result of the scanning process.

About the Author:

Lillian Weiss attended the famous Parsons School of Design and the school's Paris and Italian branches. She is Founder Member of the National Home Fashions League which she also served as its National President.

Executive posts include:  Fashion Coordinator of all home furnishings at Allied Stores' central office in New York' editor-in-chief at Haire Publishing Company for a group of magazines serving the home fashions industries.

Recently, Miss Weiss has divided a busy schedule between traveling abroad and writing on a variety of women's-interest topics -- with interior decoration being her favorite subject.

In addition to her professional participation in design, Miss Weiss is an ardent needlewoman whose original designs for needlepoint tapestries have been shown in leading national magazines and gallery exhibitions


Rina said...

Sew effed up

Brian Fies said...

I was there the first time, man. I don't need more flashbacks.

DarkSock said...

I peed in a horse once.

Colin Tedford said...

I think you mean "mod palate blaster".