Monday, October 03, 2011

1970s Interiors

Nabbed from the freebie bin at the local library: here are some photos from CURTAIN GOING UP: EFFECTIVE WAYS TO DRAMATIZE WINDOWS by Rose Kinsey Drexler, copyright MCMLXIX by Nelson Doubleday, Inc., Garden City, New York.

Oh sure, we could talk cartoons like we usually do, but let's cleanse the bloggy palate with these 1970s interiors. I like to remind people who didn't live through the 70s that the only reason they think that that decade was cool was because they are seeing cherry-picked and re-imagined designs from that era. Here it is in all its unfiltered rococo glory!

About the Author (page 63):

"Rose Kinsey Drexler, a consultant to interior decorators and designers, attended both New York University and the New York School of Interior Design. She is former editor of Co-ed magazine in home furnishings and fashions, and now writes extensively from home.

"Mrs. Drexler, a native of Indiana, divides her time between an apartment in a grand old building on Park Avenue and an ocean-front cottage on Fire Island. She enjoys beachcombing for shells and sea glass along with gourmet cooking for an eager audience of two — her lawyer-husband and a fat cat named 'Mr. Mew.'"


Smurfswacker said...

I hope the yellow stripes running through most of the pictures are artifacts of the scanning process. But with the seventies, you never know (I was there, too, yellow stripes and all).

Mike Lynch said...

You are correct. Those wavy lines come from the scanner.

Faff said...

Thanks for bringing back so many awful memories and reopening the scars a seventies childhood left on me. All we need now is something on fashion and hairstyles. Seriously though I still preferred it to the eighties but I think every decade is dreadful or dull in retrospect unless you cherrypick.