Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video: 1968 STAR TREK Commercials

Commercials, 1960s style!

Via videoholic50s60s70s: here is a film-chain copy of the STAR TREK episode "Space Seed" with all of the commercials intact and the episode mostly taken out. Yes, really: the parts where you would walk out of the room in 1968 for a visit to the fridge are all here. The length and pre-MTV cutting pace of the commercials is a reminder of a different time with a different attention span. This is a very faded 16mm bit of film.

The commercials in order: Polaroid (narrated by Alexander Scourby, whose voice you may remember from a bunch of shows - you may still buy a copy of him reading the Bible at his site), Viceroy cigarettes, Shell Oil, RCA Victor, Pepsi, Lay's Potato Chips (with the one and only Bert Lahr in a devil outfit), Geritol, and Aqua Velva.

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