Friday, October 14, 2011

The Garden As of Mid-October 2011

Shh. The garden has been put to bed.

At the bottom of the above photo, are three raised garden beds.

 The above raised bed used to be full of strawberries.


 This used to be tomatoes.

The brussel sprouts are doing well. They are an autumn vegetable. To the right, out of frame: where the squash used to be. 

All of the beds were turned. Winter rye was planted in them to help add some nutrients to the soil for 2012.

The roses are blooming again! Next month, they'll have to be buried in a cocoon of fall leaves to protect them against the cold.

Another sign of fall: a cord of wood to be chopped. Much maple, ash and some oak. When you cut into maple, your yard has a hint of syrup. Every time I go outdoors, I sniff and think, "Mmm. Pancakes!"

Below are some photos of the garden from July. Ah, memories!


RoB said...

Is that a badminton court on the berm above the garden? What a lovely autumn day.


Mark Anderson said...

You know, the more I see your gardening the more I want to try a raised bed in the back yard.

I'm thinking of planting LEGOs.

Mike Lynch said...

Yes, Rob, that's my neighbor's net. I think they use it for volleyball. There's also a trampoline there, somewhere.

LEGO seeds, Mr. A? I think Monsanto's working on those ...