Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Twilight of the Smores

Another season has passed! The town beach is closed, the geese are flying south -- along with the marshmallows. Here are 3 sad things and a happy thing about fall that I've noticed.

Seen at the Market Basket grocery, way in the back, next to the deli counter and on the way to the toilets: I saw the shopping cart below, full of the past summer's marshmallows, now on clearance.

I suppose the marshmallows need to move to make way for packaged firewood. A lot of it is processed in some way. I made up the names:
  • EZ Light
  • Firewood For Dummies
  • Kindling Akimbo
  • Bag O' Wood

And my wife and I went to have ice cream at the Lone Oak roadside stand. There were a good number of cars there and everyone was eating in their car. This is status quo for rainy fall days.

 But, hey, there are happy things about the new season. We went apple picking at McKenzie's.

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Stephanie said...

These are lovely, Mike! Great drawings!